We Must Eradicate Suicide and Depression

Fiona Tate - The Depression Muse
2 min readJun 11, 2020


What’s your motivation? Why do you do what you do for a living?

Why did I choose essential oils and oracle cards?

Here’s why:

I believe that we can eradicate suicide and depression by celebrating our differences with a return to natural solutions rather than chemicals, using creativity to express ourselves and asking for help when we need it.

The worldwide suicide rate offends me. Violently offends me and I believe it should offend you too.

The worldwide suicide rate is also ridiculous when we understand how simply it can be reduced.

I said simply, not easily. I am not, in any way, saying it’s easy because it’s not.

But I truly believe that if every person on the planet (actually, it probably only needs to be most people, not every person) made a conscious decision to celebrate other people’s differences, even if they don’t understand them, that would make a huge difference to the people suffering from depression.

If we raised children to believe that they should talk about their feelings, and that they will be heard, we’ll eventually stop having anxiety-ridden adults and there will be no reason for there to be any stigma attached to mental illness at all.

If people were encouraged to express their creativity and individuality, in whatever way makes sense to them, they would have a confidence that many of our young people don’t have today.

Yes, it does sound like an “ideal world,” but why can’t we strive for an ideal world?

I use essential oils every day, and I use them before I use chemical medications whenever I can. (Yes, I promise I still take the pills I need to take, I’m not saying don’t listen to your Doctor). But I’d always rather take natural than chemical.

I use oracle cards every day because they give me guidance when I’m struggling to listen to my intuition, and they help me reconnect with my spirituality that I’ve been almost estranged from for so long.

And I now do this for a living because it works for me, so it makes sense it will work for someone else. If an oil that I’ve recommended, or a reading I’ve done, has helped someone and stopped another suicide from happening, then I’m one very happy little vampire witch.



Fiona Tate - The Depression Muse

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