Lilith’s Flame Circle — Working with the Goddess to show the Demon Depression who’s boss.

Fiona Tate - The Depression Muse
4 min readOct 21, 2021


One of the many devastating things about depression and anxiety is that once you’ve experienced them, the likelihood of you experiencing them again, goes up. And if you’re as lucky as I am, you may find yourself stuck with the demon Depression for life.

Yep, I said “lucky.” I now consider myself to be lucky to have experienced life-long depression. But it took me nearly 50 years to decide that the demon Depression is anything other than a thief, a liar, and a potential murderer.

One of the many things that allowed me to reach the point I’m at now with my Depression is my relationship with the Dark Goddess Lilith. Although I wasn’t aware of it at the time, she was with me, quietly giving me strength, every step of the way.

Otherwise, I’d be just another statistic.

You see, I’m on a mission to reduce the global suicide rate to zero. Yes, zero. Nada, nil, no-thing, not even an option. And I believe that can be done by building a society that teaches people to celebrate each other’s differences. To show interest and empathy for different opinions, lifestyles, and beliefs.

In other words, I’m talking about ending stigma and discrimination.

Now most, if not all, of the people reading this post will (and quite rightly in many cases) say “but I don’t have any problem with people who think differently from me.”

Good. You’re half-way there, then. But, the biggest offenders of stigma and discrimination are people who have Depression and Anxiety. We are very, very, good at self-stigma and self-discrimination.

You know who’s good at showing us that self-stigma and self-discrimination are a complete and utter waste of time?

You guessed it, Lilith.

So, it seems to me that working with Lilith to beat the demon Depression into submission, is the most sensible way to go. Much more sensible than spending more money and time on Doctors, therapists and other health professionals who get their knowledge of Depression from a textbook. And an outdated textbook, at that.

I’ve lived with Depression since childhood, I have a BA in Psychology, and I have over 25 years’ experience working in the mental illness and addiction sector.

I know my shit.

But, I know my shit because of Lilith. And that’s why I created Lilith’s Flame Circle.

So, what exactly is “Lilith’s Flame Circle?”

Well, the goal of the circle is to manage symptoms of Depression and anxiety by working with certain aspects of Lilith. We’ll activate those aspects of Lilith in us, the ones that we’ve buried so far down that we’ve forgotten they’re there. We all have them, and now more than ever, Lilith is calling us to rediscover them.

And then there’s the Oracle cards. Why the hell has no-one created a set of Oracle cards specifically for working with Lilith? Never mind, I’ll do it myself.

Every fortnight, I’ll introduce a new Oracle card. Members will receive it in digital form and they’re able to print their own. Over time, they’ll have their own Lilith Flame Oracle Deck that they can use for shadow work, divination, and to communicate with Lilith. I don’t know how many cards will be in the deck yet, but I’m guessing somewhere between 30 and 50. I’ll work with Lilith on that one.

There’ll be fortnightly zoom calls to discuss each card and on the alternate weeks they’ll be a Q&A zoom call. Remember the focus is on how Lilith can help us manage our depression and anxiety.

There’s also going to be a discord group for us and a membership forum where we can build our community, chat with each other, and get that immediate help when we need it.

If there’s interest, we’ll go further into rituals, resources and study, but for now, I’m offering the Oracle cards, the Study calls, the Q&A calls and the community for $57US per month. This first intake is limited to a core group of 13 and once we reach that number, I’ll stop allowing members in. For a while.

There will be other intakes, but the price and benefits for those people will be different. For my first core 13 members, the price will always be the same and once we’ve got our full Oracle Deck completed, we’ll decide together what our next project will be.

If you’ve been living with Depression for a while now, you know it’s not going to go away. And you also know that the recovery model our health professionals work with is not only unrealistic, but in my opinion, dangerous. It sets people up to believe they’re “wrong” and that they have something dreadful attached to them that they must get rid of at all costs.

They’re the ones that are wrong. Depression is an “extra” that some of us are given that teach us about tolerance, understanding, compassion, and patience. Amongst other things.

But, it’s only a gift when you know how to manage it.

I’d love you to join me in Lilith’s Flame Circle. I’m passionate about helping people with Depression (myself included) live a fulfilling life WITH the demon not just in spite of it. And I know that Lilith can help you, as she’s helped me.

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